India Visa Processing Made Easy and Simpler Through India ETA

Bringing to the world of explorers and travelers, a gift, known as the Indian electronic travel authority, the Indian government has implemented its latest and long-awaited Online Indian Visa Service. The hectic and time-consuming process of going through the legal and official formalities for attaining an Indian visa has now been condensed to a comprehensive online application system that comes as a relief.

The name India ETA is expanded as the India Electronic Travel Authority and the service is called the “India Visa on Arrival ETA”. Although in the name of the service it is called ‘on arrival’ but the visa has to be applied for and received/granted before the person can travel to India. The application for the e-visa has to be made only within a period of 120 to 4 days prior to the visit.

Indian Visa Application
Indian Visa Application

The now active online application system, India ETA has been a well thought out and perceptive system and applies to a total of 161 countries worldwide. So people now, from across the wide globe, can feel free to arrange for their visa to visit this magical country from wherever they are, even from their work-desks.

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An important aspect of applying for an e-visa under India ETA is certain specifications that are to be addressed by the applicant and the eligibility criteria that have to be followed. India ETA is a comprehensive service that includes e-tourist visa, e-medical visa, and e-business visa. Also, the application form for both is quite detailed as it is significant that the applicants’ information is accurate.

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