Land of All Flavors of India

India, a land of all flavors is now open to all visitors from all over the world in all seasons. Through the new visa services adopted by the Indian government, traveling to or visiting India is made an even more pleasurable venture.

Under the new Indian Visa, international travelers have a comprehensive and simplified application procedure. A swift online application is available from any part of the world. The introduction of the e-visa service has proved to be a boon to all immigrants.

Visitors from over a hundred and fifty countries can tour India quite conveniently now. There are over ten different categories of the Indian visa on arrival covering almost all possible reasons for a visit. These categories include travel, medical, study, research, film, etc. so the person can choose instantly and specifically whichever visa he/she requires.

Indian Visa Online
Indian Visa Online

One thing that an immigrant applying for Indian visa has to know beforehand is that there are a few eligibility criteria for making an application. Although these are generic conditions but are to be ascertained by the applicant in order to receive the official Indian visa. You can know more about this eligibility.

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The fee for the Indian e-visa has also been revised recently. A simple and effective categorization of the visa fee for all the hundred and fifty countries has been organized. Visitors from more than thirty countries out of these have the privilege to get this visa free of cost. For the rest of the countries, several slabs are created.

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A recent online survey suggests India ETA to be the most visited site for online visa application.